Emma Higgins is an award winning director hailing from the gloom of Vancouver, Canada. She is known for her bold visual style that pushes the bounds of convention with an edgy and fresh perspective. Each project is an opportunity to connect with viewers and she uses the camera fearlessly in her endeavour to tell the story at hand, never shying away from a challenge.  She has an obsession with colour— wardrobe, art direction, hair and make up are always a standout focus that give her work a distinct visual language.  Above all else she is dedicated to the humanity in every story she approaches, with a particular love of the misfit or outcast, she has a punk rock heart. 

In the world of short form content, her visionary approach has paired her with some of the worlds top talent and has garnered significant critical praise including a 2018 Juno Award nomination for video of the year.  Her short films have been showcased at festivals such as the CFC Worldwide Short Film Fest, NSI Film Fest, Sacramento Horror Festival and Birmingham Shout Festival to name a few.

Outside of directing she enjoys a morbid fascination with true crime mysteries, halloween and spooky things, middle eastern food, cats, hiking and running fast and the 1991 masterpiece “Point Break”.

She currently splits her time between Los Angeles and Canada and with several feature length scrips in development she now has her sights set on her highly anticipated debut feature.

If you’d like to connect, please drop a line and say hello! 

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